Time lord’s companion

Prestige class:

Requirements: must be chosen by a time lord by using there attract companion ability.


Class factors

Special abilities


+2 bonus to Wisdom, a +1 bonus to Intelligence, +1 to all Intelligence-based skill checks.

Permanent tongues spell.

Same as existing class


Animal empathy checks work for monsters/aliens

Same as existing class


1st Spelltouched Feat

Same as existing class


Bonus feat

Same as existing class


Can open the door of there time lord’s TARDIS

Same as existing class


Can cast Animal Affinity once per day as a Psychometabolism

Same as existing class


2nt Spelltouched Feat

Same as existing class


Bonus feat

Same as existing class


1st Psionitoughted feat

Same as existing class


Massage time lord (same as Massage spell but can only be hard my there time lord)

Same as existing class


3rd Spelltouched Feat

Same as existing class


Bonus feat

Same as existing class


2st Psionitoughted feat

Same as existing class


Loremaster secrets

Same as existing class


Summon time lord (same as summon familiar)

Same as existing class


Bonus feat

Same as existing class


4th Spelltouched Feat

Same as existing class


3st Psionitoughted feat

Same as existing class


Lore as Loremaster

Same as existing class


Bonus feat.

Can pilot a TARDIS

Same as existing class

If companion dose not meet the Prerequisites of any Spelltouched Feat they gain the Spelltouched Feat as soon as they meet the Prerequisites.

Spelltouched Feats: as described in the unearth arcane 




Accurate Jaunt

Exposure to greater teleport, plane shift, teleport, or shadow walk

Better chance of successfully traveling between planes

Bladeproof Skin

Exposure to stoneskin or iron body

Gain damage reduction 3/bludgeoning

Breadth of Knowledge

Exposure to legend lore or vision

All your Knowledge checks treated as trained


Exposure to call lightning, lightning bolt, or chain lightning

After taking electricity damage, send out a line of electricity that affects one target within 30 feet

Controlled Immolation

Exposure to fireball or delayed blast fireball

Take no damage from catching on fire; opponents that strike you in melee take 1d6 points of fire damage

Eyes to the Sky

Exposure to scrying or greater scrying

Automatically spot magical scrying sensor within 40 feet

False Pretenses

Exposure to charm or dominate spell

Mislead opponent into thinking you are charmed or dominated

Life Leech

Exposure to death touch granted power or death knell spell

Each creature within 30 feet that has –1 to –9 hp loses 1 hp, which you gain as temporary hit points

Live My Nightmare

Exposure to phantasmal killer

Send nightmarish vision against creature that targets you with divination effect

Momentary Alteration

Exposure to alter self

Use alter self as spell-like ability for 1 minute once per day

Naturalized Denizen

Exposure to dimensional anchor

You are never treated as extraplanar creature

Omniscient Whispers

Exposure to commune or contact other plane

Receive answer to one question per week as if you had cast a commune spell

Photosynthetic Skin

Exposure to barkskin

Gain +2 to natural armor when outside during the day

Polar Chill

Exposure to cone of cold or ice storm

Create patch of icy ground that hampers movement

Residual Rebound

Exposure to spell resistance or spell turning

If you roll natural 20 on save against targeted spell, effect of spell turns back on caster

Stench of the Dead

Exposure to ghoul touch or vampiric touch

Carrion stench causes those adjacent to you to become sickened

Psionitoughted feats: thetas are the same as Spelltouched Feats but for abilities listed in the Psionics Handbook




Ghost fist

Espouser to Ethereal Jaunt, Etherealness, Improved, Etherealness, or Phase Door.

Unarmed attacks are considered ghost touch

PSIONIC experience

Espouser to Mind Thrust', 'Ego Whip', 'Id Insinuation', 'Psychic Crush', or Mind Blast

You have the PSIONIC DEFENSE MODE: Thought Shield

Linked thoughts

Espouser to Mind Switch,

Mind Probe, Forced Mindlink, Mindlink, or Lesser Mindlink.

You can detect thoughts of the subject mind that entered your mind. As detect thoughts spell

Remember Psionics

Espouser to Lesser Concussion, Concussion, Greater Concussion, True Concussion, Mass Concussion, or Detonation.

Can cast Detect Psionics once per day.


Espouser to Metaconcert

You gain 2 power points and generate 2, LEVEL 0 PSION POWERS

Leather skin

Espouser to Ectoplasmic Cocoon

Your skin gives you an armor bonus is +2

Am I dreaming?

Espouser to Dream Travel, Dreamscape', Microcosm, or Tailor Memory.

You gain a +5 on saving throws against illusions (disbelief) and +5 LUCID DREAMING checks

Gary Gygax dose not like Psionics

Espouser to Alter reality

Can cast genesis once and only once

Piss off the DM

Espouser to Vengeful Gaze of God

You switch places with the Dungeon Master