11th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - Open

The Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver

The sonic screwdriver is a multifunction tool used and created by the Time-Lords.


Mark IEdit

  • ====Open Lock====
    • Instant ∞ open lock if within 10ft of the lock. +20 within 20ft of lock. Otherwise, no bonuses.
      • The only exception is a dead-lock
  • ====Gather Information====
    • The sonic screwdriver can be used to gather information from a computer or from its surroundings and plays the data. (like the DM)
  • ====Cutting====
    • The sonic screwdriver can cut through anything 5ft thick of thinner (except wood)
      • Wood is evil
  • ====Unscrew / Screw====
    • The sonic can be used as a normal screwdriver as well.

Mark IIEdit

The Mark II can do all of the things that the Mark I can do...and more.
  • ====Sence Trap (Bomb)====
    • The sonic can sense any trap that is electronicly based. It can then, if the DM says its logicaly possible and the player can explain how, deactivate the trap.
  • ====Spark====
    • Similarly to Flint and Steel, the sonic can spark and light a fire.
      • Must have somthing logicly lightable to light.