S4 04 wal 11


Medium size humanoid (dwarf)

Hit die: 1d8 (4hp)

Initiative: +0

Speed: 20 ft (sontaran armor) base 30ft

AC: 34 (+30 sontaranarmor)

Attacks: glaive +3 melee; or crossbow (repeating) ranged +1

Damage: glaive 1d10+3; or crossbow (repeating) 1d8+1

Special qualities: sontaran armor, clone, dwarven traits

Saves: Fort +2, Ref+0, Will –1

Abilities: Str 11, Dex 10, Con 13, int 10, wis 10, cha 8

Skills: listen +3 spot+3 knowledge (war tactics or cloneing) +10

Feats: alertness, sontaran armor proficiency

Alignment: lawful neutral  

Dwarven traits (Ex): Sentoran gets all the same racial traits as a dwarf but replace stonecutting with armor smiting

Clone: 1 out of every 20 sontaranhas the equipment and knowledge of the clone spell sor/wiz 9. All sontaran reproduce this way

sontaran armor:  normal full plane armor gives an AC +8 but sontaran armor is so well billed that it gives an AC +30. a rogue with stunning fist [feat] and the opportunist special ability can make a sneak attack to find and hit a sontaran in the place his armor dose not cover as if the sontaran has an AC of +0