Versions of the Master
Versions of the Master




Symbol: a pocket watch


Alignment: LE

Portfolio: conflict, discord, dueling, engineering, envy, evil, foresight, lies, planning, secrets, spies, strife, strategy, tactics, travel, tyranny, wit,     

Domains: trickery, knowledge, charm, travel, oracle

Fevered weapon: wand of finger of death

The Master’s appearance often changes but he always appears to be human.

He is the doctor’s rival and equal. Some say that his soul peruses is to undo what the doctor has done. He possesses the same knowledge of time that the doctor has.    

Dogma: those who worship him do not realize it until it is too late. Others who worship only do so in fear. There are some who say that he is an avatar of HEXTOR himself 

Clergy and temples:

He mostly uses clergies and temples of other deities to his own advantage. 


The Master

Class: Time lord 30

Race: Medium sized outsider 

Divine rank 1

Hit Die: 30d12+400

Special qualities: Time Regression, Time Traveler, Walk the Aeons, Slightly Psychic Paper, Greater Delay, Attract Companion:

Abilities: STR 10, DEX 20, CON 28, INT 50, WIS 29, CHA 29.

Skills: Appraise +70, bluff +103, concentration +89, diplomacy +48, read lips +45, search+ 55, sense motive+66, spot+54, use magical device +78, disable device +45,

knowledge (time stuff) +100, knowledge (history)+100, knowledge (planes)+100, knowledge (Psionics)+100,  knowledge (nobility and royalty) +80,

Feats: sychoanalyst, Rapid Metabolism, Speed of Thought, Psychic Inquisitor, Psionic Metabolism, Metacreative, Epic Psionic Focus, Improved Manifestation, Improved Metapsionics, Power Knowledge, Investigator, Encode Stone.

Spell like abilitys:

Detect Psionics, Inkling, Know Direction, Trinket, Burst, Catfall, Daze, Distract ,Combat Precognition, Destiny Dissonance, Identify, Know Location, Object Reading, Minor Creation, Matter Agitation, Biofeedback, Lesser Body Adjustment, Dissipating Touch, Conceal Thoughts, Augury, Combat Prescience, Recall Pain, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions, Sudden Minor Creation, Body Adjustment, Body Equilibrium, Painful Touch, Sustenance, Knock, Psionic Lock, Sense Psychoportation, Danger Sense, Nondetection, Remote Viewing, Negate Psionics, Displacement, Improved Biofeedback, Rejuvenation, Dimension Slide, Time Hop, Fate Link, Detect Remote Viewing, Divination, Fate of One, Dismiss Ectoplasm, Fabricate, Quintessence, Immovability, Dimensional Anchor, Dimension Door, Dismissal, Freedom of Movement, Mindwipe, Tailor Memory, Recall Agony, Sense Psionics, True Seeing, Incarnate, Major Creation, Matter Rearrangement, Adapt Body, Energy Barrier, Baleful Teleport, Teleport, Teleport Trigger, Catapsi, Metaconcert, Precognition, Remote View Trap, Shield of Prudence, Improved Fabricate, Ablating, Disintegrate, Null Psionics Field, Suspend Life, Banishment, Ethereal Jaunt, Retrieve, Trace Teleport, Aura Alteration, Temporal Acceleration ,Sequester, Contingency, Divert Teleport, Power Turning, Reddopsi, Energy Conversion, Etherealness, Phase Door, Plane Shift, Teleport Without Error, Insanity Foresight, Hypercognition, Recall Death, Mind Store, True Creation, Matter Manipulation, Improved Etherealness, Teleportation Circle, Mind Blank, Metafaculty, Genesis, Dissolution, Affinity Field, True Metabolism, Astral Projection, Probability Travel, Temporal Velocity, Time Regression, Apopsi, Psychic Chirurgery, Timeless Body